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Odour Control

Odours are always present in our surroundings. When the concentrations are too high we experience this as smell. There used to be a time when odour or smell was regarded as inevitable and accepted as a matter-of-course. 

Ecodor products work in this way

Ecodor products are prepared by fermentation of plant extracts. Some of the components of these fluids include enzymes. Enzymes have a catalytic effect on organic materials and therefore on odor molecules too. Under normal circumstances these molecules degrade slowly.

Perfectly safe

Extensive testing has demonstrated that Ecodor products are perfectly safe for humans and animals.
Ecodor products are non-irritant, non-poisonous, non-flammable and are biodegradable.

High efficiency

The effectiveness of Ecodor products cannot be stipulated exactly, because efficiency depends on numerous odor components and a variety of variables.

Low investment

The market offers a wide range of products for suppressing smell emissions. These units however involve substantial investment, because they are designed to deal with maximum smell emission.

Broad operation

There are countless types of enzymes, each effective for the degradation of a limited number of odor molecules. Ecodor has at its disposal a variety of broad-spectrum cocktails of enzymes that are able to accelerate many different reactions.
Ecodor products enjoy for this reason a broad range of applications and provide in this way an effective solution to many different smell problems.

Range of techniques

Ecodor products are employed in a variety of installations, depending on whether the product is to be atomized or injected.
When for example atomization is involved, atomizers can be placed within a building to atomize the liquid. The vapor formed will be very persistent, lasting a long time.

Make an appointment

We should like to be your partner in solving problems in the area of odor nuisance.
During an exploratory meeting with you we will examine the feasibility of treating your odor problem with one of the Ecodor products.

It will during that meeting be possible to provide you with a small-scale demonstration, enabling you to understand in more concrete terms what you may expect from Ecodor.

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